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What Are the Effects of Fake News to Students

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and twitter. From my perspective this is the fastest way to spread anything people wants to share and this because when a person post something, there will be a people seeing this post and they might share it with others. However, especially when this post includes fake news as fake news spread faster than real news, this is because incorrect news attract the attention of society, especially young people in their teenager age as they doesn’t have experience enough to have good knowledge about people who post fake news for some reason.
It could be also from school where friend said a fake story news and other student believed it, this can spread very easy as student tell other student in another class and this student who been told the fake story/news might share it with the class, the class students could share it with their siblings and social friends.
Google is a way for people who wants to post fake news and share it with others, as they can make a fake site a similar to top and know site. At this time a lot people are reaching to internet and those people who doesn’t have access to social media or they’re not interested in these apps, most of them using google to search for news or any other things they wants to know about as a lot of fake news on google can be found.
Fake news can spread on YouTube where can anyone make a YouTube channel using a famous YouTuber name with a little bit of changing, e.g. real YouTuber channel name is: Noor stars and fake YouTuber channel name will be Noor starss, so it seems the same person to others, they might not realise the small difference and believe in what they hear. This person might take some videos from that popular YouTuber channel and download them to this fake YouTube channel, after that he start to share the news or the subject he wants to share and reaches others. This can spread very quick as I mentioned earlier those people who seeing the video could not see the simple difference and a thousands and millions of people might watch that video which include wrong information. However, unfortunately some people do not double check if those news are correct or not, they could share it with others and that’s how it spreads around the world.
Fake news can spread on TV where TV news channel is against a popular news channel, as this fake new channel wants to reach a to a high viewers number. This channel will provide news as opposed to the correct news provided by the original news channel. Some people might believe it and share it with others, this is how the fake news can increase and expand.
As I made some of researchers regarding how students think about fake news I found an interesting websites as students giving their own opinion about the fake news issue.
Here’s an enjoyable website to look at, this site includes students’ opinions and their own thinking regarding to fake news and media in writing and there’s also a good video to watch on this site too:
NewsHour, P. and NewsHour, P. (2019). This is what students think about ‘fake news’ and the media. [online] PBS NewsHour. Available at: [Accessed 24 Apr. 2019].

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